• Euro 2016: The Knockout Stage

    by  • June 30, 2016 • Portugal • 0 Comments

    Prior to the major event coming later in the summer (Rio Olympic games) bettors across the world got the chance to work some bets for the biggest football event of the year – the European Football championship which takes place in France as we speak. For the first time in history of the competition, 24 teams have entered the EURO and after the group stages have completed, we have entered the knockout rounds. Various betting websites, such as m88main.com have come up with their own analysts of the potential winner.

    Poland and Portugal are the first two teams that will enter the quarterfinals match, with the two sides playing on Thursday, June 30th. Poland qualified with much problems, beating Switzerland on penalties in a pretty tight match. Portugal however were extremely luck against Croatia, striking a 117 minute goal against Croatia to celebrate a victory. It is important to notice that Portugal did not win a single match in the 90′ minutes so far at the tournament, noting just how bizarre this new format is. They are clear favorites for the upcoming game and a potential win could set up a tie with Belgium or Wales. Websites like m88main.com have already compiled their analysis for the game, citing the lack of depth quality as Portugal’s main issue ahead of this game.

    M88main is offering great deals for the bettors for the EURO 2016 betting, tabeling offers like winning the championship, top scorer bets or betting on the finalists. For the time being, the biggest favorite, according to m88main.com is Belgium, rated at 1.85 odds for the win here. Hosts France follows at 2.10 odds, while shocking quarterfinalists and fan-favorite side Iceland is rated as the lowest, with the odds being 18/1 in their favor.

    Betting on the top goalscorer of the tournament you can win some serious money if you decide to invest. Each name that has scored a goal at the tournament is available, giving you a variety of options to bet on. Despite not scoring in the opening game of the tournament, Atletico Madrid’s and France’s striker Antoine Griezmann is rated as the likely top scorer of the tournament, given a measly 3.7 odds in favor of him. M88main.com predicts Cristiano Ronaldo, Romelu Lukaku, Mario Gomez and Gareth Bale to be next in line as their goalscoring abilities are rated at 7/1.

    One of the most interesting offers m88main has offered to its consumers is the ability to predict whether the winner of the tournament will be a new country or it will be someone which has already won the tournament. At the moment, according to m88main.com, a past winner is most likely with 1.5 odds while a new winner stands at 2.25.